The Tex mex I got in California is whats closest to my heart. Every time I read about the new taco places that have been established in Oslo, I dream myself away to a time when I sat in the sun and got served pico-de gallo with homemade tortilla chips while waiting for my ordered.

My Boss and I went and tested Taqueria at Paleet in Oslo for lunch

Me: how would you classify the food you serve here, Tex mex, mexican mex?
Waiter: What do you mean?
Boss: You see she is a foodbloger.

Oh please someone hit me over the head with something hard and i just smiled and flushed. Yes I had to admit I wrote about food.

Waiter: Oh I see, it leans more towards the Californian style of coking what we serve here.
Me: Fun I have lived.

We order drinks while we try to decide what we want to eat. Ta difficult task for I would have loved to taste everything, so we asked the waiter what he would recommend

He suggested a the Taco Tasting platter with four different tacos and a quesedilla

When the waiter comes back with our drinks to our table, he places three different sauces the table, one tomatillo sauce, a tomato sauce and a Diablo sauce made of Habanero.
I was a little skeptical and this made me think of a time I was in Houston Texas and would taste different salsa from a local producer. “You should try this one, it is the same as what our toddlers eat” the lady at the store said with her southern twang. I tasted the toddler hot sauce and that was it, no more hot sauce for me that day.
I like spicy and hot, but I do not like pain a little tingle yes but not pain.
The waitress told us that there were tomatoes in the sauce, so it was not as strong as pure Habanero sauce he reassured us.I just had to test them, a teaspoon of each sauce.
I started from the right, the green first, then the red and finally yellow.
I had to take a huge breath after the yellow Habanero, it was reasonably strong, but I did not have to beg for milk.
The sauces were tasty and perfectly matched to the food.
We got two tacos in corn tortillas with delicious lobster salad, lime mayonnaise and crunchy fried onions and onechicken adobado, pico de gallo, manchego and oregano.
Two served in wheat tortillas with prawns, garlic, Habanero, mintslaw and tamarindsalsa and the other was with tender pulled pork, pineapple, red cabbage relish, onion and garlic chips
For our last dish we went vegetarian, quesedilla with Manchego, Portobello cream, truffle and corn.
I can not rally remember the food like this during my four years in California and
we concluded that Taqueria probably served a modern California Mexican menu, with little influence from around the world. Ha ha ha, I do not think truffle was something they had on their quesedillas at the Mexican cantina just across the road from the school I attended. Mint and tamarind are a combination I know from my favorite Indian restaurant in Hong Kong
Anyway, the food was delicious with interesting flavor combinations, but does not

recommend having Diablo sauce on everything. I think my taste buds were a bit shocked when I left that place.

I do not have any criticism or bombastic claims that this is not so and so because …. as some others have said about similar places in Oslo. Traditions are made to be broken, we evolve ,we explore and make use of the raw materials that are available.

Although I have lived in California for four years it does not mean that I am an expert on this type of food and besides, it was 22 years ago, things have changed over there just as it has done here at home.

Maybe we should call this Nouveau Mex instead 🙂

PS. I have googled the word after I wrote this post and it’s actually something called nouveau mex, ha ha ha and maybe a perfect description of Taqueria on Paleet in Oslo.

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