Rough and rustic cupcake liners

Homemade bakingcups.

Why buy something you easily can make yourself.

For recipe look HERE

These bakingcups I used for the apple muffins are made of bakingpaper, brown wraping paper and decorated with string.

You can use any kind of paper as your outer layer and you can use ribbon to decorate your cups.

Here is how you do it and you need;

  • Squares of paper that are 4″x4″ or 10×10 cm
  • Cupcake tray, a cup or glass that fit in the tray
  • String or ribbon

Place the glass upsidedown and put a piece of paper on top and wrap the paper around a glass that fits in your muffin tray.

Place the liners you made in the try and fill them with your cakemix and bake

Do the same with your outer wraper, crunch them around a glass.

Put the baked muffin and the brown paper cups together and tie a string around them.

Rough and rustic, nice way to decorate muffins.

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