Easy steps to re use outgrown dresses

Does your child have a favorite dress, a dress that she still wants to use but it is too short.

MiniMe has outgrown her favorite dress, one she got to wear for her 5th birthday party, a Sonia Rykiel dress that we bought in Nice.

Its been a while since she outgrew the dress, but it is still hanging in her closet. She takes it out once in a while, looks at it and sighs, she really has been wanting to use it again.

She found the black tulle I once bought for a different project and wondered if she could staple on some on the hem of the dress. Mini’s dream for the time being is to become a fashion designer and she sews and staple clothes for her teddy bears and dolls. I suggested to sew it on instead and while preparing I found myself making a simple patter for a skirt and made a petticoat she can use for dress-up, skirt extender etc.  Tulle skirts for children is very popular these days. As you can see below it is very simple pattern.


I made 4 layers, one silk and 3 tulle, sewed the skirts together at the waist and inserted a garter and decorated with a ribbon.

Just as countless of little girls, MiniMe loves to wear her mummys shoes.

She thought my shoes looked better with the skirt than her shoes does.

We are having a fun photo session this fall break.


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