Sosial media gathering in Brevik Norway

Photo: Beate Hemsborg

I do not know how it is around the world or within the different areas of blogging.

But in Norway there is a small group of girls who meet once in a while whether they blog within interior, everyday life, food, fashion or beauty and makeup or a mix of the five I mentioned.

A couple of week-ends ago about 45 gals from all over Norway met up in a small place called Brevik by the Oslofjord.

A picturesque place with summer houses and cottages on little surrounding islands.

Some of them have met before and som have not

One of the things I like with these gatherings is that you meet the people behind the blogs and instagram accounts you follow and follow you. The other thing we always manage to have fun and we are exited to see each other.

I am  not saying that it does not exist in Norway the rivalry between bloggers, it is there and I have seen it develop over the years, Some see themselves as better bloggers or more popular.

BUT these events are still fun-filled and everybody talks to everybody and we all get along.

Someone told me once that bloging is the new way for us grown ups to get to know new people.

When we were younger we knocked on each others doors to play but we do not do that anymore.

This little event was organized by the girls behind the blogs Fabelaktig and Festfabrikken.

Two entrepreneurial gals who knows how to throw a meet and greet.

When ever Ms. Fabelaktig throws one she always manages to put together fun and yummy filled goodie bags.

We got this little adorable Sonny Angel in the goodie bag, a little cheeky boy angle dressed only in headgear. He has become quite popular among women around the world, young and old.

we also got cup cake liners and paper straws.

Posters, postcards, scented candles, mugs, hot chocolate mix and chocolate covered almonds.

Skarf, earings and nail polish with caviar pearls

Gift wrapper, chapstick and sunglasses.

The gift wrapper I used to cover MiniMes books 😀

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