Wheight loss


The picture above was taken yesterday.When the opportunity arose I had to pose with the designers of my dress and shoes, yes I am wearing Moods of Norway. This is at Moods of Norway og Samsung event where 12 of us could play around with the new Galaxy Tab S and design a cover for it, but that is not the reason for writing this post.

What I wanted to tell you, is the weight changes in my life.

I am 160 cm/5’3″ tall and weighed 96 kg/244 lb at my worst without being pregnant, that was quite dramatic and exhausting for the my body.

Above you ca see a collage that I posted on Instagram, with pictures of me from 1992, 2003 and 2014. I just happened to come across the two early pictures when I was tidying in my old attic a little while ago. Actually a friend sent me the earliest one, she found it in her attic, why it was there I do not know. Anyhow the picture below was taken when we where vacating in Malta three years after I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was 32 years old and 96 kg.

I was relatively young when I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was treated with insulin as if I had type 1 diabetes.

It turned out that I was insulin resistant a form of type 2 diabetes and had a pretty normal insulin production myself, but my body did not know what to do with its own production. It was not easy to balance food and insulin, even though I ate the same one day to another and had equal doses of insulin, it was entirely up to my daily condition and own production. Since I dis not know how much of my own insulin would kick in, it was very difficult to know how much insulin to inject. This became a vicious cycle, insulin is also a growth hormone so I blew up.

exercise was my solution. My body needed to be in motion, the more I moved the better I manage to maintain my diabetes and I felt much better.This resulted that I was able to gradually reduce the insulin injection.

I started to work out 2 to 3 times a week, after a month every other day after a couple of months 10 to 14 hours a week, I became addicted to exercise

This is the short version on how I solved my weight problem.

Well completely solved is probably an exaggeration, I love food and have to be aware of what I eat and keep exercising.

I started to make dinner plans and menus. First I had a six week rotation and the longest we have had was 14 weeks  rotation and then downsized to 8 weeks. We had soup and pancakes every Wednesday and it was really difficult to come up with 14 different soups that the children would eat.

Most of the pictures here are taken from Instagram and thank you to all the followers and friends on Instagram and Facebook for your kind and encouraging words.

So I end this with a little funny story I also shared on Instagaram

I was snuggled up against my husband watching TV, I was stuffing my face with chips and suddenly asked him

“Do you think I’m fat?” Oh the horror, what a stupid question and i could have hit myself with something hard as soon as I asked the question.

The answer I got-

“Nah, but you used to have a more defined waist line”

Loving the answer 🙂


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