Whitewash has become very popular and this type of paint comes in a wide variation of colors. I wanted to be bold and go for a bold color, but I chickened out and used white.

When I bought my new place, the rooms in the attic had a yellowish tint and when I painted the floors light grey I they really thought they looked yellow.

I decided to try out a new whitewash, that just came out on the market here in Norway.

Milkpaint and Safepaint, the difference between the two is that Milkpaint needs an extra bonding agent when you mix it, specially when you are going to paint an already painted surfaces.

 It was easy to use I just followed the instructions on the packet and started mixing.

I put the powder in a large bucket

and added water, it was almost like making waffles;)

 Then it was ready for use,

I used the color snow white and as you can see from the top picture, it gave the room a clean and crisp look.


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