Creamy Pasta Carbonara without cream

When I first heard about this recipe, I suddenly understood what a friend of mine tried to make many many years ago. She had missed a few steps and her sauce ended up as a big glob of melted cheese and fat, she had forgotten to use the pasta water. “Shouldn’t you ad some cream to that” I asked her. But no she knew how to make the dish, she had been to Rome Italy so she knew this.

Don’t be fooled even though you do not add any cream to this dish, it is still an artery clogger, meaning do not eat to often, but it is super delish:)

For 4 people

 500 g  Spaghetti

a little salt for the pasta water

3 eggs

200 g guanciale diced or thinly sliced

If you want this dish saltier you can use pancetta or regular bacon

About 100 g parmesan, pecorino romano or something equivalent

(I was at a food festival and got someting similar and wanted to try that, it was a dutch cheese)

0,5-1 dl of the boiling water, adjust as you go

coarsly ground black pepper

Start by boiling water for the pasta and add a little salt. When it is boiling add the pasta.

Fry the guanciale on medium heat you do not want the meat or the fat to burn.

You just want the little morsels to be golden in color, set it aside to cool al little

When the pasta is al dente ad the pasta to the guanciale and fat, add the cheese and boiling water.

Stir well befor you add the egss one by one.

Just remember you do not want the mixture to be to hot when you add the eggs. If it is to warm it will grainy looking like the one in the picture below.

The children liked it anyway and sice te flavor was so nice I wanted to try to make it again and but not so grainy next time.

I asked the children if they wanted this dish again soon.

(we do not eat the same thing twice in a period of a short time)

“But mum you know you are not able to make anything twice” This time that was not the point, I wanted to make it better and I managed to do just that:)

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