Fluffy sugar free marshmallow kisses

Since I am diabetic, I am always on the lookout for good alternatives for natural sweetners that both my family and I can eat.  Unfortunatly I can not eat sugar and some in my family can not eat artificial sweeteners because of allergies.

I have found palmsugar, made from the nectar of the coconut flower to be a nice substitute.

These kisses are made with the palm sugar instead of regular white sugar and it gives the marshmallow fluff a light caramel taste.

I also used extra virgine coconut oil with the chocolate for the base of the desserts. Coconut oil is not the same as palm oil, so do not mix the two.

This recipe makes about 10 little desserts about 5 cm in diameter

4 egg whites

2 dl palmsugar

3 ts of non flavored gelatinepowder

150 g dark chocolate

2-3 ss extra virgin coconut oil

2 dl slivered almonds

1 dl chopped hazelnuts

desiccated coconut for sprinkling

Melt the chocolate with the coconut oil on low heat in a double boiler, the temperature of the chocolate should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Set aside some of the chocolate for decorating later.

When everything is melted mix in the nuts and stir untill everything is well blended.

Make the bottoms by pouring the mixture into little bottomless plastic containers/sleeves and let it set and cool

Make the bottoms by pouring the mixture into little bottomless plastic containers/sleeves and let it set and cool

The marshmallow fluff is made by beating the egg whites adding the palmsugar little by little untill it forms soft peaks.

Marshmallofluffen lager du ved å vispe eggehvite og tilsett litt og litt av sukkeret.

Disolve the gelatin in 0,5 dl of cold water for about 5 minutes, melt the gelatine and pour it into the egg white mixture while you continue to beat the fluff for about 5 more minutes.

Fill the moulds with the fluff and lett it sett.

use the chocolate you set aside earlier to decorate the desserts and sprinkle some coconut on top.


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