Homemade headboard

Old junk becomes like new,  MDF scraps, old buttons, nylon cord, linen fabric, wood posts and newly purchased 4 cm foam padding, all this was just lying around in the old house except the foam padding. Some of this was in the attic and some in the garage.
There was something missing in my bedroom so I decided to make a headboard for my bed.
When everything was planned out It took little over an hour to execute this task, with the help of my youngest son Sam.Here is the back of the head-board a little rough and the mdf boards doesn’t even match. but no matter it is not going to show anyway.
I had drilled holes for the buttons that are fastened in the back of the board with a nylon string on metal hoops.
I am fairly happy with the result, I could probably have had the buttons covered with the same fabric but I liked the effect of the metal buttons.
You need a board, mdf-, chip- or plywood board and foam padding in the hight and length you want.
My board is the width of the mattress and the hight of the mattress plus the hight I wanted above the mattress. I had to add some legs to the board since my board wasn’t high enough.
I did that by attaching to wooden post to about 3 inches from the side edges see picture number two.
Drill holes where you want to place your buttons.
Then glue the foam padding to the front of the board.
Since this is a simple design with no folds or seams, the fabric used is only 16 inches wider than the board(8 inches on each side)
Staple the fabric on to the back of the board, I started at the top and stretched it a bit as I went along, see picture number tree from the top.
Lastly put the buttons in place.
I stuck a needle trough the hole in the back, pushed it through to the front threaded on the button and put the needle back into the hole and tied the string around a metal hoop in the back, see picture number 2 and 3.
Quick and easy headboard made in a about an hour.

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