The appartement is getting there

The new appartement floors has been allowed to dry and harden for a few days since I painted them, so I have begun moving in a few furnitures. Most of what I have is what I have brought with me from the old house. It is still chaotic, but it is starting to look like someones home.
When they heard that I was moving out my husband’s aunty asked if I needed any furniture, they had an old coffee table in the attic that they in turn got from an aunt and uncle when they were setting up their first home. I said yes I thought it might look good with my sofa
I’m trying to decide if I am keeping it the way it is or maybe paint it. What do you think?
 The dinning set is from the children’s great grand mother and it used to be pink, I gave it a couple of layers of paint a few years ago and had the seats re upholstered. The only new item in the appartement for now is the lamp from House Doctor above the table.
There is still a lot to do and I have to think about this as just another move, like we usually do when we have moved arround for hubby’s work.
I have to look at this as new opportunities and possibilities.

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