Raspberry Mojito

This week I was invited to a wine tasting evening with Pernod Ricard, where we were greeted with this drink, a delishous red raspberry mojito. I asked for the recipe and I try to make it with the ingredients I had available I did not have the same type of Havana Club home and I was out of mint, but I had peppermint in the garden.
Recipe for Havana Club Rasberry Mojito
4 cl Havana Club 3 Años Añjeo (possibly. Havana Club Añejo Blanco)
2 cl freshly squeezed lime (about ½ lime)
8-12 mint leaves
4.5 raspberries
4 cl soda water
1 cl sugarsyrup (alternatively 1 tsp sugar)
Crushed iceSqueeze lime in a glass, add sugar syrup, 4-5 raspberries and muddle . If you use sugar stirr well til everything is disolved.
Then add 4 cl Havana Club 3 Años Añjeo and torn mint leaves.
Fill the glass with crushed ice and then soda water.
Garnish with some mint and raspberries.
PS: Peppermint did not work, use mint.


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