Homemade ramson pure

Deep inside the forest, I have a secret place where these lovely green leaves Allium Ursinum grow. I understand that the city of Chicago is named after the plant, the word for wild garlic in the local native american language is shikaakwa.

It is late in the year for this plant, but the spring has been quit cool this year, everything has been growing and blooming late.
Wild garlic is a fantastic tasteful, wild growing  herb. The flavor is mild and characterized as a mixture of garlic and chives, without the sharp flavour of garlic.
Wild garlic grows in patches, you will notice it right away if you come across a field with wild garlic: A delicious, mild garlic-like scent fill the air of the entire area.
The plants only grows a short period during spring and disappear completely after blooming, no leaves or odor are left.
I use this pure in butter, mayonese, marinades etc.
150 g ramson leaves
2 dl taste neutral oil, grape seed oil or canola oil, you can also use a good quality olive oil.
Salt to taste
Rinse the ramson in cold water. Give them a spin in a salad spinner and place them on a kitchen towel, pat lightly until they are completely dry and ready for use.
Pour about half the oil in a food processor, add the ramson and blend until you get a rough mixture. Keep blending and add oil until you get the desired consistency of the puree and season with a little salt.
Fill sterilized jars with the puré, Top with 1/2 cm oil and cover with a lid.
The ramson pure can be stored in the refrigerator and will keep for up to a year provided that it is kept in clean and air tight jars.

Some people are hesitant to pick wild garlic because the leaves are similar to Lily of the valley. One of the major differences is the smell, if it doesn’t smell like garlic it is not ramson. The leaves are also different, ramson is slightly narrower and slight wavy towards the stalk. Ramson leaves grows out from the bulb, the Lily of the valley leaves sprouts out higher up on the stem.

Making this pure the whole kitchen is filled with the aroma of mild garlic, actually almost the whole house.

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