Travelogue 4, Driving back to Dubai


Back home of the cooler temperatures of Norway, the trip to the Emirates seems like but a distant memory. OMG it is really cold today, today April 12, 2013 it is snowing and the wind is howling outside

When we left Fujairah to go back to Dubai for shopping and sightseeing the temperature in the car showed 38 degrees Celsius and yes we had the AC on.

The landscape on the stretch between Fujairah and Dubai was quite barren, but there were a few patches of green especially along the wadis, the dried up riverbeds.

The landscape around Fujairah the eastern part of the Emitates was mountainous compared to Dubai situated on the west. The landscape got more sandy as we got closer to the eastern shore.

It was interesting to see how the color of the landscape changed from grey to reddish, then grey again and finally golden.

The golden sand of the desert telling us that we are getting close to our destination.

One of the nice thing about the climate here is that it is dry even though it get quite hot, you do not have the humidity that makes you feel that you sweat liters of fluid and makes your clothes stick to you.

Along the way we saw pipes that probably something for the oil industry.

In Norway we have signs that tell us that there might be elk crossing, here camels strolling roadside.

There wasn’t much to see on the road except for a few animals, rocks, sand and a lot of housing developments. The houses being built was huge mansions and reflecting the wealth of the area.

Fujairah is more a smaller resort town compared to Dubai with a few high risers and still many buildings under construction. As you got closer to Dubai you could see a different type of city, a metropolis. The city was huge and wast and the city was bustling with life. My aim for this trip was The Dubai Mall, a mall I have only read about, a mall with amusement park, ice rink, movie theaters, a huge indoor aquarium and much more specially shopping.

We just strolled around, visited the aquarium and did some shopping. It would take days in order to see all of the mall. I must admit it was a little overwhelming and I did not know where to start. If I had a few more days and a inexhaustible bank account I would have gone amok, but this time I just bought a few things for the kiddies.

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