Travelogue day two, a little cultural in put from Fujairah

When we came out to the hotels atrium after a hearty breakfast our first morning in Fujairah, it was bustling with life, music and entertainment. The local women’s college ha put up a little cultural show at the hotel. They had a school project to show a little of their world and tradition to the tourists, ex-pats in the area. We are staying at The Hilton in Fujairah, a hotel that also serves as the ex patriots country club.

(I have been allowed to post these images)

We got to attend a wedding that was being played out by children, the clothes you see the kids are wearing is typical clothing used at major events and for the wealthy. I was told that if the girls get to wear a the headgear like the girl in the picture above they were considered as pretty. Did they mean that the girl looked pretty with the headgear? Hope so, How devastating if people thought you were not pretty enough to deck yourself in finery.

The pretend bride and groom with some traditional crafts.

We got our hands henna tattooed, my hand is the one on the left.

Typical crafts for the area was displayed, masts, pillows, throws, jewelry and many other different things. Even tasted some local coffee, it was different and not bitter as the coffee I am used to, I liked it.

I tried to ask the girls about their culture and in response I always got the answer “because it’s tradition”

It was quite frustrating asking the ladies that was supposed to teach us something about their history and tradition and the answer was alway because it is tradition.

What I saw was that the little girls could show their hair and faces, young women only their faces and they have to a wear hijab. When they marry the have to cover up in a niqab like the lady in the picture below. Niqab is an extension of the hijab, one adds a veil as to hide her face. A burka if someone is wondering is an all covering garment, Idid not notice anyone wearing that here.

What I didn’t get on camera which I thought was fascinating, when the event was finished and everything was packed up and the girls covered them selves in their black robes and veils. you could see the wealth these women possessed. Their accessories was from exclusive and famous brands. My husband told me that the citizens of UAE were quite wealthy and of the the people living here very few are actually citizens.

We got to taste some local snacks and I got really curious and started pestering the poor lady about recipe and how to go about making the snacks. I would probably post something soon.

Then we headed poolside and we just chilled as the kiddies would say:D and we snacked on fresh fruits the hotel staff served and enjoyed refreshing beverages. The key word for us adults was frozen and lime:)

Have a nice Good friday.

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