Travelogue from UAE, day one

Finally we have arrived The UAE after a looooong journey. We were delayed i Munich, the plane hade to be deiced and we were back in the air by mid night.  I have flown during winter before, but can’t remember the plane being deiced before, the ground crew covered the plane in a thick yellowbrown goo. This can’t be very environmental friendly, but then again flying isn’t either. The process took two hours and it was noisy , even though we were really tired non of us coul get any sleep. By the tie the plane was in the air, she was so excited about her plans for her stay in The UAE, she talked and talked but I just wanted to sleep.
I woke up with a start, “Mummy, mummy did you hear me? I want to ride a camel”
Two hours delayed we where met by a very stressed husband, he was supposed to hold a lecture in Fujairah in a little over an hour and it was about an hours drive to where we were going.
It was a long desert we had to drive through, Sam commented that there was a lot of sand  and his little sister answered “Duh, you are in Dubai” and roll her eyes.

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