Kilawin is a Filipino dish thatt is very similar to Ceviche,

The difference beeing that in the Philippines they also use vinegar in the dish.

Here is an exerpt from the Wikipedia link above:

The origin of the name of the dish is also disputed. One hypothesis suggests that the common Spanish word for the dish, “cebiche,” has its origin in the Latin word cibus,[2] which translates to English as “food for men and animals.”[17] Another hypothesis, supported by the Royal Spanish Academy, is that the name might derive from the Spanish-Arabic wordassukkabáǧ, which itself derives from the Arabic word sakbāj (سكباج meaning: meat cooked in vinegar).[5][18] Further hypotheses base the origin of the term on escabeche, Spanish for pickle, or that it is simply a variation of the word siwichi, the traditional Quechua name for the dish.[11]

This is my versjon of it and with what I had available at the moment

Thin slices of salmon

Calamondin(calamansi) juice or lime juice

white vine vinegar

thins slices og red onions, fresh ginger, garlic,yellow and green bell peppers

salt and pepper to taste

I put the thin slices of finsh on a plate and garnished with the rest and drisseled 1 tbs of lime juice on top and

1 tps of white vine vinegar

and finaly salt and pepper

Just remember to put the fish filet in the freezer for atleast 24 hours befor you slice it.


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