Bath bombs

Home made bath bombs wraped and labled

My children made these a few years back, they are easy to make,

I wore the gloves for hygene sake.

I used

2 cups of baking soda(Arm & Hammer)

1 cup of citric acid  

1 tsp lavender scented masage oil

2 tps water  (if you want color, you can replace some of the water eith food coloring,)

I also added a handfull of lavender buds( home grown and dryed)

Mix everything until it becomes grainy, if it doesn’t add a tiny bit of water until it does. be carefull or you get a bubbely messy mass of nothing

I line som kling film in a mold and fill it with the filling, You want to hard pack the filling into the mold.

Wrap the klingfilm around let it dry an harden a few hours. Befor you gift wrap  or use them

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