Taza organic chocolates

I go by my local interior store Lille interiør once in a while to see if they’ve got something new and I found these chocolates.

Lovely CHOCOLATE MEXICANO from TAZA Chocolate, I tasted the 70% dark chocolate, Dark Guajillo Chili and 70% Dark chocolate with ginger. Mesoamerican tradition meets the modern world, I imagine that when they started to make edible chocolate as we know it today, this is the way they made it in the kitchen in South America somewhere;), but of course that did not happen. The chocolate as we know today was developed in Europe in the 1900s and until then it was mostly used in beverage, developed from the Mesoamerican beverage xiocolãtl.

I favored the chocolate with chilli the best, it was not so strong only just a little tingling on the tongue. Lovely chocolates, had the Mesoamericans made sweet edible chocolates, I imagine that they would have been made this way. They are a bit more gritty in texture than what you may be used to, but it’s because of the organic raw cane sugar used and tiny fragments of cocoa beans.

I understand that the founder of TAZA Chocolate got his inspiration from a trip to Mexico, where he tasted stone ground chocolate. Back home in The US he founded TAZA with his wife and they use traditional Mexican stone mills, called molinos, to grind their cacao, old-fashioned tools with som modern technology to produce these wonderful chocolates.

The hand-carved stones preserve the bright, fruity flavors of the organic beans, and create a chocolate that’s bold, rustic, and gritty.

Taza Chocolate is new on the market, it just arrived Norway this summer. Chocolate are imported by Lina and Cecilie of Soon’s Secret Garden who got to know the chocolates through their stay abroad.

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